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BAGSINPROGRESS is a New York brand that seeks to make better bags for modern people with busy lives. 


The hallmarks of our design are a simple style that supersedes trends, and the exceptional capacity one might find in a carpenter’s tool bag.   Although our designs may appear simple at first glance, each and every piece has been carefully researched and made with the user in mind, focusing on usability, size, detailing, and materials.    


Our designs are inspired by those bags beloved over the years; a carpenter’s tool bag with its multitude of pockets for specific tools, a milk man’s canvas bag used to carry heavy milk bottles day in and day out, a doctor’s bag that holds an array of instruments, a military bag that withstands backbreaking training, and nameless vintage bags.  We have taken the best elements from these inspirations and applied them to the modern lifestyle to create our designs.   


BAGSINPROGRESS ensures the creation of better, inspired products by locating all aspects of design and planning in New York, a city of endless inspiration.  Each and every item is made in America at domestic factories in New York and elsewhere in the United States. 


Our brand and our products will continue to evolve as we seek to deliver better goods and a better environment to working people everywhere.