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About our brand

BAGSINPROGRESS is a New York brand whose aim is to make better bags for modern people with busy lives.  

“Inspired by New York”

Our designs are born on the sidewalks of New York City, inspired by the diverse range of the everyday lives of New Yorkers. And all aspects of our design begin in our studio located in the city’s iconic Garment District.

“Made in USA”

Each and every product is crafted with the utmost care in local factories both in New York City and around the United States. Our exclusive, small-scale production sets our product apart from mass-producing brands, ensuring handmade quality that imbues them with warmth and character.

“Streamlined Design”

Although our products appear simple at first glance, closer inspection reveals that all has been meticulously crafted with functionality in mind. There is a reason behind everything we do—every pocket, every strap, every measurement. 


Each of our bags is designed to be used at least two ways. For example, an envelope clutch becomes a shopper tote or two shoulder straps can lengthen into one long cross-body.

“Bags Within Bags”

Our bags are part of a family. Smaller bags can be “layered” with and/or within larger totes. From season to season, we build consistently on our classic American workwear aesthetic, ensuring that your collection of BAGSINPROGRESS can expand organically, from season to season.

“The 21st Century Tool-Bag”

Taking the best from what came before, our products do not merely incorporate vintage elements, but revisit old-fashioned standards of quality in order to set new ones evolved to meet 21st century needs.

“Always In Progress”

Our designs are “in progress” because our lifestyles are in progress. Each season’s new products address evolutions in the day-to-day needs of our customers, for example updating pocket dimensions to keep up changes in sizes and shapes of the electronics that power our everyday lives. As the “tools” of modern trade continue to evolve, our philosophy is to evolve along with them, so as to continue to deliver better good for a better working environment to people everywhere.