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about B.I.P.

BAGSINPROGRESS launched in New York City with the simple idea of creating “better bags for better living.” From our brand’s perennial philosophy was born the modern “tool-bag” for everyday workers on the go. A simple, all-American aesthetic, our quality-crafted bags with made-to-measure functionality and practical detailing soon established a following at home as well as abroad in Europe and Asia.

A few years later, BAGSINPROGRESS is proud to announce the expansion of our family and philosophy with the launch our second line: B.I.P. Expanding on our design ethos of products “in progress,” we recognize that as modern workers, our lifestyles often take us far from home. And in a world that seems to be asking travelers to consolidate their packing more and more but at the same time requiring them always to be ready to deconstruct their carry-on at a TSA security guard’s notice, the need for well-thought out but nonetheless stylish bags for travel is greater than ever. More than a mere second line “diffusing” our signatures, B.I.P. seeks to builds up and out of our brand’s baseline to provide “better bags for better travel.”

In B.I.P., BAGSINPROGRESS’ signature clean designs are translated into a collection of ultra-lightweight nylon bags to meet the specific needs of the modern traveller. Our form-meets-function approach to design remains the hallmark of our products. Each bag, while appearing simple on the outside, is intricately outfitted inside with contrast-colored function-specific pockets designed to help organize all your travel essentials—from passport to iPad—with quick, easy accessibility in mind.

All the bags pack flat and are designed to be used together—the passport pouch layered on top of the mini duffle when going through check-in, for example, or the one packed inside the other and compartmentalized into the single hold-all tote neatly stashed under the seat in front of you.

 So whether you’re checking in at JFK or simply stepping onto the subway, B.IP.’s brightly colored nylon bags pack a street-ready punch that can go with you all the way to Guam or just the gym. Now that’s what we call progress!